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Welcome to Paidmail

Paidmail has a simple goal... It provides you a permanent global mail address for life while benefiting each received e-mail financially. Your e-mail is full featured regular e-mail, 100% spam protected, an income source. You do not have to hide your e-mail addresses form spammers. On the contrary; the more you distribute your mail address, the more money you make. Yet you are fully protected from the unwanted mails. The innovative difference of our Mail Service is to provide a fully open market for e-mail users and the advertisement world. You can set free for friends, $0.01 for special interests, or $1000 for an unwanted advertisement. You determine the price for each received mail, and the advertiserAdvertiser BenefitsFully open market. No molded structure. The pricing is determined by the receiver and the advertiser.
The email receiver determines the price based on his/her interest level, and you decide to include them in your ad campaign.

%100 efficiency on the ad visibility by "moving code" technology. Your ads are guarantied to be read to the last line by the real customers .Guarantied Super High Readability and Visibility Rate

Our members are all waiting eagerly for your advertisement because not only we pay them but they are true and interested customers.
The major goal of our Mailing System is not to make money for our members
but to provide them a spam protected permanent mailing address for life.

Real time detailed reports. You can track the results and can focus on the specific demography next time.

%100 legal


Advantages for our regular customers

We can send your advert generally at a minutes notice.

You determine the price

Reliable Service

No rates are imposed for advertisers. You decide your budget, and we will tell you who and how many people you can advertise.
Some people might ask for a mail and others,
you have a flexibility who to advertise thorough our portfolio builder software.
decides to send you a mail or not.

Sure. There are many mail services on the net. However, no e-mail service provides the innovative futures of Paidmail service. Paidmail is an attempt to break from the old mold. Rather than trying to keep your mail address confidential, you will want to promote it as much as possible while enjoying Paidmail protection from any unwanted mail. The rules are simple. Get a free mailbox, and get paid for all the mails that you receive. You have all the flexibility who to charge so that your friends can still send you mails as usual as free.

If you are an advertiser, Paidmail Service offers you a precise and highly effective advertisement opportunity. No more random , blind emailing, no more guesswork. The Paidmail users are real customers willing to know more about the specific products and services.

If you are interested in one mail address globally and permanently, the Paidmail Service might be what you are looking for. The FAQ covers most of the questions we commonly get. If there is anything else that you'd like to know about the Paidmail Service, please contact us and we'll get back to you promptly.

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