Sail around the world Some people don´t understand why adrenaline freaks risk their own lives seemingly for nothing. I´ll tell you why. Because when you are on the edge of life you start to enjoy life. When you risk your life you can feel the actual difference between life and death and therefore you start to appreciate life. It´s all about that difference, that feel, that moment when you know the exact value of life, when you know that life is worth living.

Live without hurting others, learn to love, and die without regret.

I am one of those who keeps dreaming about sailing around the world but never makes that last push to realize it. One of the reasons is that I never know if I am ready knowledge and experience wise. The information about sailing around the world is so scattered on the net, it is hard to gather enough information to attempt sailing around the world. Or you never know you have gathered enough information.

This place is created for collecting information about sailing around the world. The goal is to prepare a lean guide, cookbook, reference and a motivational script for people thinking of sailing around the world.

If you have sailed around the world please share your experience. Things to know, things to do, what to prepare, what to avoid, step by step preparation and execution. Your memories to give the last push to people who are thinking but not having the guts to sail. Hopefully this will be a one stop free reference for more sailors.

Help me to create that last push needed for many to start this journey. Thank you all who contributes.