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Multisport Training Log is developed to provide an online tool for athletes and active people. I am an amateur triathleteWhat is it used for? triathlon training log
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(Ironman) and engineer. I started this log to record my own training and it turned out to be a full blown training log. There are also some motivational tools for the times you need to push yourself to workout.

Training Log So go out, be active and enjoy recording your training in this training log What makes Training Log different? - Multisport training log is one of the oldest if not the oldest
online training log started in 1999. It will probably be the longest.
Your records are safe.

- Designed by an athlete/engineer.
Training Log knows what you need, what works best first hand.
The log grows and evolves with you.

- Multiple language support makes it open to international athletes
which makes a much bigger community you can get help
that is brought to you by an amateur athlete. Each workout is valuable as memorabilia as much as statistically. Remember each workout is a throphy and it will feel even sweeter when you read it back 50-60 years down the road.

This tool is good for Marathon runners, Sprint runners, Swimmers, Cyclists, Ironman and Olympic Triathletes, Xterra athletes, and other active life stylers. Not good for complainers, whiners, excuse masters, couch residents.


Log virtually unlimited activity types.

  • Swim
  • Bike
  • Run
  • Rowing
  • Weight
  • Kickbox


Download raw data in different formats

  • Coma seperated
  • CSV
  • SQL
  • Excel


Define your own activity types.


Use GPS, save your own routes, reuse


Visually analyze results

  • Interval
  • Duration
  • Activity
  • Total
  • Max
  • Average
  • Distance
  • Compare


Monitor statistics, discover strengths, weaknesses, improvement areas

  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Activity
  • Total
  • Max
  • Average
  • Heart Rate
  • Compare


Challenge friends, define a challenge with activity and expiration, or join a channenge


Calculate body parameters, performance values

  • Maximum Hear Rate
  • Zone
  • Body Fat
  • Distance
  • Compare


Share your workouts with selected friends, post them online

  • Share
  • Post
  • Recommend
  • Show off


Team up with people in your area or join similar activity groups to improve effectiveness


Add or use races that you run or select from the well known race list

Registered Users: 6923 Total workouts: 256156
Online Users: 67 Total hours: 281776
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