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Your call has failed. Probably because you are trying to access phone.leventozturk.com with a web browser. You need an IP Phone supporting SIP protocol and an HTML pattern to initialize a call through HTTP port (80) of this server.

Please note that this is not a regular VOIP application or internet calling. This idea may or may not be patentable but as far as I know I was the first to try it. The difference of this system is that the owner does not rely on someone else's phone network or server. Instead you run your own phone server and this server routes the incoming calls in a way you configure. You become both the operator and the user.

For example instead of having a 555-1234567 phone number with Bell operator, or lll@hotmail.com MSN account, I have my own domain (leventozturk.com) and call server running on levetozturk.com. I can assign and use any number on the server such as 555-1234567@leventozturk.com, or 5551234567.leventozturk.com or callme.leventozturk.com.

To be able to communicate to my phone server, you must download the SW that I wrote, which has its propriety protocol to connect to the server. Then the server will call me where ever I am. Happy ringing.
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