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Below are the races I finished or wished to finish. Currently I am preparing for the ultimate race (Ultraman). I am not sure when I will feel ready but working on it. I am also interested in Iditarod, and Race to Dakar.

I am a very slow amateur athlete. My strength is in distance. In 2005 Ironman race, I had a major bike accident at mile 30 of bike course which left a cracked helmet and some scars around my patella (knee cap:). Always keep your head up while riding:).

You may check my current training and workout program at Training Log
Race Year Position Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total
Mt. Evans Climb, Colorado 2018 1 11:00
Ironman Florida 2009 1994 1:54:09 16:21 6:10:33 7:59 6:09:03 14:38:03
Florida Half Ironman 2007 1729 51:45 10:15 2:58:33 5:50 2:55:10 7:01:31
Montreal Demi Esprit 2006 145 53:49 8:06 2:43:12 4:20 2:50:45 6:40:57
Ironman Canada 2005 1924 1:40:42 11:53 7:35:53 10:05 6:21:53 16:00:26
Gatineau Triathlon 2003 209 41:59 55:42 57:12 2:34:52
Ultraman Hawaii 2001 DNF
Ironman Canada 2001 1244 1:23 3.9k 14:27 6:36 180k 11:10 5:06 42k 13:32:18
Ottawa Marathon 2001 1310     4:15:30 4:15:30
Brockville Triathlon 2000 193 27:20 750m 3.39/100m 58:54 25k 25.5km/hr 33:24 5k 8.95k/hr 1:59:41
Gatineau Triathlon 2000 156 34:48 1200m 2.54/100m 1:05:01 22k 20.3km/hr 49:50 7k 8.41k/hr 2:29:38

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Training Log
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My Equipment

Trek Hilo 2000 Year 2000
19 Riptide Year 2000
Saucony Type A5 Year 2013


University of Carleton Athletics
TriRudy Ottawa Triathlon Club
Napene Sailing Club
Napene Masters Swim Club
Bike Irvine Club
Orange County Rebels

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