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Online DVB-S2x - S2 Calculator

This online program calculates the DVB-S2 (BlueBook A83-1 / EN302307-1), and DVB-S2X (BlueBook A83-2 / EN302307-2) bit rate and bandwidth.

I hope this tool helps to you too. Enjoy...

Layer Parameter Efficiency Cummulative Size/block

Input Bit Rate: Bit Rate (bps) When bit rate is entered the bandwidth will be calculated.
When bandwidth is entered bit rate is calculated.
If both entered bandwidth is calculated based on the bit rate value.
1 1 15040 Bits

Mode Adaptation 0.994709 0.994709 15992 Bits

Stream Adaptation Packet Type: 0.940767 0.935789 16072 Bits

BCH Error Correction: 0.992099 0.928395 16200 Bits

LDPC Coding Rate: 0.25 0.232099 64800 Bits

Modulator Modulation Type: 2 0.464198 32400 Symbols

PL Framer Pilot:
Frame Size: 0.997 0.462805 32490 Symbols

Super Frame Format: 0.952 0.44059 34114.5 Hz

Symbol Rate

Pulse shaping Rolloff: 0.952 0.44059 34114.5 Hz

Output Bandwidth (Hz) 1 0.44059 0.029313 mSec

Calculation Time: 0 ms
Print Time: 0 ms

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