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Online DVB-S2x - S2 Calculator

This online program calculates the DVB-S2x - S2 bit rate and bandwidth.

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Block size



Input Bit Rate: Bit Rate When bit rate is entered the bandwidth will be calculated.
When bandwidth is entered bit rate is calculated.
If both entered bandwidth is calculated based on the bit rate value.
1 1 15040 bits

Mode Adaptation 0.994709 0.994709 15992 bits

Stream Adaptation Packet Type: 0.940767 0.935789 16072 bits

BCH Error Correction: 0.992099 0.928395 16200 bits

LDPC Coding Rate: 0.25 0.232099 64800 bits

Modulator Modulation Type: 2 0.464198 32400 symbols

PL Framer Pilot:
Frame Size: 0.997 0.462805 32490 symbols

Pulse shaping Rolloff: 0.952 0.44059 34114.5 Hz

Output Bandwidth: Hz 1 0.44059 0.029313 mSec/block

Calculation Time: 0 ms
Print Time: 0 ms

DVB-S2 = BlueBook A83-1 / EN302307-1 DVB-S2X = BlueBook A83-2 / EN302307-2 DVBS2x - S2 Solver is DVBS2x - S2 Minimizer and Online DVBS2x - S2 Calculator of Online DVBS2x - S2 Generator which Online DVBS2x - S2 Tutorial includes Minimalizator, Simplifier and Analyzer
Transport Stream Input or Generic Stream Input (packetized or continuous). Single Input Stream or Multiple Input Stream. Constant Coding and Modulation or Adaptive Coding and Modulation (VCM is signalled as ACM). Input Stream Synchronization Indicator Null-packet deletion active/not active. Transmission Roll-off factor (α). This European Standard (Telecommunications series) Joint Technical Committee (JTC) Broadcast of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Comité Européen de Normalisation ELECtrotechnique (CENELEC) the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). DVB Technical Module industry, operators and broadcasters The EBU/ETSI JTC Broadcast drafting of standards broadcasting and related fields the Memorandum of Understanding also CENELEC standardization of radio and television receivers the European broadcasting area market-led consortium of the television industry framework for the introduction of MPEG-2 based digital television services of the consumer electronics and the broadcast industry
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