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Online Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Tool

The Online FFT tool generates the frequency domain plot and raw data of frequency components of a provided time domain sample vector data. Vector analysis in time domain for complex data is also performed.

The FFT tool will calculate the Fast Fourier Transformof the provided time domain data as real or complex numbers.
A DSP design guide is provided to help understand the FIR filter design.

I use this tool to analyze captured data and design FIR filters. I hope it helps to you too. Enjoy...

There is no such thing as analog!
Input Source
Input Source may be a file, pattern, stream or a function.
File Mode: Provide the time domain data file.
The requirements for the time domain data file is described in file field help.
Pattern Mode: Select one of the pregenerated pattern waves from the list.
Stream Mode: Stream the data continuously. This is option available for a fee.
Function Mode: Enter the function of time F(t). Eg. sin(3t)
Max Hold
Max Hold
Max hold
Sampling Frequency
Sampling Frequency
Sampling Frequency is optional.

If provided, it is used for normalizing the output spectrum plot.
Has no affect in calculation.
Frequency Steps
Number of FFT points (BINS) to be calculated

Max number is limited to 512 to prevent CPU overloading.

If you need a higher degree of calculation, please contact me.
Window Function
Window Function
Window Function is optional.

This specifies the window function; if not given, no such function is used.

Often for these purposes the data is partitioned
into K segments, each containing 2M elements.
The power spectrum for each segment is calculated, and the net power spectrum is
the average of all of these segmented spectra.
A problem that may arise in this procedure is leakage:
the power spectrum calculated for one bin contains contributions from nearby bins.
To lessen this effect data windowing is often used
Format of the data to be displayed

Analyzer: Plot the output data on an anlyzer window on screen.
In Analzer format you may continue calculating new data and accumulating the results

Raw Data: Output data is displayed as CSV format on screen. You may save this as a CSV file.
Due to heavy processing load on CPU and misuse by robots,
you are required to identify yourself first.
Calculation Time: 0 ms
Print Time: 0 ms
Spectrum Analyzer Model 323S
Vector Signal Analyzer Model FM44
EVMMin: 0
Avg: 0
Max 0
PowerMin: 0
Avg: 0
Max 0
Frequency Response Raw Data

Internet Spectrum Analyzer Mode: Data can also be streamed to the server to have a continuous FFT which practically turns the page to an Online spectrum analyzer. Please contact me for this feature.

Internet Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) Mode: Streamed data will be analyzed continuously as VSA.

Online Fourier Transform. Fast fourier transform tutorial explains fast fourier transform algorithm.
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What is Inverse fast fourier transform?
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Digital Signal Processing Proakis is correlates to result in vector signal analyzer test.
Multi-Rate Digital Signal Processing calculates discrete fourier transform example and discrete fourier transform tutorial showing discrete fourier transform matlab on vector signal analyzer where discrete fourier transform properties are contained in discrete fourier transform image.

The Fast Fourier Transform is a recent algorithm developed by Mas. at ZIT for Discrete Fourier Transforms on signals with a frequency domain. A reference implementation of the algorithm exists and proves that the Fast Fourier Transform can be faster than modern FFT libraries. However, the reference implementation does not take advantage of modern hardware features like vector instruction sets or multithreading. In this Master Thesis the reference implementation’s performance will be analyzed and evaluated. Several optimizations are proposed and implemented in a high-performance Fast Fourier Transform library. The optimized code is evaluated for performance and compared to the reference implementation as well as the FFTW library. The main result is that, depending on the input parameters, the optimized Fast Fourier Transform library is two to five times faster than the reference implementation.
A fast algorithm is presented for solving a time-domain electric field integral equation pertinent to the analysis of scattering from uniformly meshed, perfectly conducting structures. The scheme that results from discretizing this is accelerated by using the fast Fourier transform to perform spatial convolutions. The computational cost and storage requirements of this algorithm scale as 4 and 7, respectively, as opposed to 2 and 5 for classical methods. Simulation results demonstrate the accuracy and efficiency of the approach and suggestions for extending the technique are proffered.
Inverse discrete fourier transform is a form of discrete fourier transform calculator combined with discrete 2d fourier transform.

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