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Genetic Code Summary

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Amino Acids
Name Symbol Mass (-H2O) Side Chain Occurence (%)
Alanine A, Ala 71.079 CH3- 7.49
Arginine R, Arg 156.188 HN=C(NH2)-NH-(CH2)3- 5.22
Asparagine N, Asn 114.104 H2N-CO-CH2- 4.53
Aspartic acid D, Asp 115.089 HOOC-CH2- 5.22
Cysteine C, Cys 103.145 HS-CH2- 1.82
Glutamine Q, Gln 128.131 H2N-CO-(CH2)2- 4.11
Glutamic acid E, Glu 129.116 HOOC-(CH2)2- 6.26
Glycine G, Gly 57.052 H- 7.10
Histidine H, His 137.141 N=CH-NH-CH=C-CH2- |__________| 2.23
Isoleucine I, Ile 113.160 CH3-CH2-CH(CH3)- 5.45
Leucine L, Leu 113.160 (CH3)2-CH-CH2- 9.06
Lysine K, Lys 128.17 H2N-(CH2)4- 5.82
Methionine M, Met 131.199 CH3-S-(CH2)2- 2.27
Phenylalanine F, Phe 147.177 Phenyl-CH2- 3.91
Proline P, Pro 97.117 -N-(CH2)3-CH- |_________| 5.12
Serine S, Ser 87.078 HO-CH2- 7.34
Threonine T, Thr 101.105 CH3-CH(OH)- 5.96
Tryptophan W, Trp 186.213 Phenyl-NH-CH=C-CH2- |___________| 1.32
Tyrosine Y, Tyr 163.176 4-OH-Phenyl-CH2- 3.25
Valine V, Val 99.133 CH3-CH(CH2)- 6.48


        Nucleic Acid Symbol
1st Base   T C A G    
  2nd Base   T C A G T C A G T C A G T C A G    
  3rd Base   T C A G T C A G T C A G T C A G T C A G T C A G T C A G T C A G T C A G T C A G T C A G T C A G T C A G T C A G T C A G T C A G    
        Codon Code (Amino Acid Symbol)
    F F L L S S S S Y Y * * C C * W L L L L P P P P H H Q Q R R R R I I I M T T T T N N K K S S R R V V V V A A A A D D E E G G G G    
Nucleotide naming translation
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