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Online Matrix Processor

The free online Matrice Processor array operators, matrix operators and other matrix functionality.

Each function is also implemented in Verilog, VHDL, C++ and Java that can be downloaded for a fee.
Matrix processing functions include Cross and dot products, Matrix multiplication, Echhelon and reduced echelon, determinant, Gaussian elimination, equation solver functionality.

The tool supports up to 16x16 matrix .
Input can be Real or Complex number. Enter complex numbers as RjI where R is the real part, I is the Imaginary part and the j is the text seperator. 3.0j5.7
I use Matrix Processor tool to verify my matrix operations. It helps to debugging. I hope it helps to you too. Enjoy...

Matrix A
Rows x Cols: x
Matrix B
Rows x Cols: x


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Matrix Operations

Matrix Add A+B
Matrix Substract A-B
Element-wise multiply A.*B
Element-wise power A.^B
Right array division A./B (A/B)
Left array division A.\B (B/A)
Array transpose A.'
Matrix multiplication A*B
Matrix Right division B/A
Matrix Left Division AB
Matrix Power A^B
Matrix Complex conjeguate transpoze A'
Matrix Cross product
Matrix Dot product
Matrix kron Kronecker tensor product
Matrix surfnorm Compute and display 3-D surface normals
Matrix tril Lower triangular part of matrix
Matrix triu Upper triangular part of matrix
Matrix transpose

Matrix Transform Row Echelon Form
Matrix Transform Reduced Row Echelon
Solve Equation
Matrix Inverse
Matrix Determinant
TODO: Rank, complex, different size, Gauss-Jordan Elimination, verbose conjugate
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