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Online Stream Slicer/ Data Width Converter

The Online Bit Slicer / Data Width Converter takes an input stream or file as binary data and slices into chunks of desired number of bits. It can also be used as base converter, bit inverter, character modifier, or file type modifier.

The Verilog code for converting any bit width to any bit width on the fly is also available. The module can accept any input data widths varying from 1-bit to 16-bits and converts (splits, slices) it to any size data every clock where both input width and output width can be changed every clock as well. No FIFO is used. Implemented using muxes and demuxes only. Contact me for further details.

I use online bit slicer to convert data to required data width in a stream. I hope it helps to you too. Enjoy...

Input Encoding
Input data file can be binary, text coded bin, hex.
Input data stream can be text coded bin, or hex.

Bin: Each bit in file represents itself as 1 bit data. 0b1 -> 0b1
Text Bin: Each character in stream represents 1 bit data coded as binary. '1' -> 0b1
Text ASCII: Each character in stream represents and converted to 8 bit data coded as ASCI. '1' -> 0b00110001
Text Hex: Each character in stream represents 4 bit data coded as hex. '1' -> 0b0001
Input Order
Input Order:
Input data processing order.
LSB: Inverts bits in each input stream within the selected bit with itself(bit 7 <-> bit 0).

Order width field is is used as the bit width to be inverted.

If left empty no inversion occurs. MSB: Left most bit is processed first. No inversion occurs. Order width field is not used.
Input Order
LSB: Inverts bits in each input data stream within the selected bit width itself.

If bit width is selected as 8 bit 7 is change location with bit 0. (bit 7 <-> bit 0).
If left empty no inversion occurs.
Input Length
Data Length:
Input data length in number of bits. separators are included if exist.

Each separator is counted as 1 bit,4 bits, 8bits for Text bin, Text ASCII, Text Hex respectfully.

This field is applicable to hex or ASCII format where the bits of last character may not be fully used .

If left empty, tool will calculate the length based on the input data
Input Length
The Length
Input Seperator:
Input Seperator
This field is applicable to text formats.

If not empty, the separator character will be removed from the input stream or file before processing.

If left empty, tool will calculate the length based on the input data
Input File
Input Data File
The source can be provided as an input file or a manually entered stream in the input stream field.

In case both fields are provided input stream will be processed.
Input Stream
Input Stream
Input stream to be sliced. Only Text formats are valid. Binary format is not applicable.
Output Data width:
Output Data Width
The slice lengh in bits.

Output Seperator:
Output Seperator
The separator character for the putput.

Output Encoding
Output data file can be binary, text coded bin, hex.
Output data stream can be text coded bin, or hex.
Output Type
Output Type:
Display output, or send as a file.
Output Type
Display output, or send as a file.
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Sliced Output
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