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Online Vector Calculator

This online vector Calculator calculates vector transforms for a given vector and plots the calulated vector output. Scalar, Dot Product, Cross product, vector division..

Enter the input vector values and the tool will calculate and plot the output vector.

I use this tool to calculate vectors in the field. I hope it helps to you too. Enjoy...

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scalar-vector multiplication

Multiplication of a vector by a scalar changes the magnitude of the vector, but leaves its direction unchanged. The scalar changes the size of the vector. The scalar "scales" the vector.
Vout = (Vin1.x * Vin2.x, Vin1.y * Vin2.y, Vin1.z * Vin2.z)

Dot product

Geometrically, the dot product of two vectors is the magnitude of first vector multiplied by the projection of the second vector onto the first.
Vout = (Vin1.x * Vin2.x) + ( Vin1.y * Vin2.y) + (Vin1.z * Vin2.z)

Cross product

Geometrically, the cross product of two vectors is the area of the parallelogram between them.
Vout = ((Vin1.y * Vin2.z) - (Vin1.z * Vin2.y), (Vin1.z * Vin2.x) - (Vin1.x * Vin2.z), (Vin1.x * Vin2.y) - (Vin1.y * Vin2.x))
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