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FPGA Doldrums

Project Management

FPGA Projects require specialization and experience.An intelligent engineer without and FPGA expertise designing and FPGA is like a handsome man without experience dealing with women. It will work but not to the expectations.

Help Ticket

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FPGA Engineers should use synthesizers, only if they can synthesize their RTL without the synthesizers.
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IP Cores

Test Bench


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Place and Route

There are two types of FPGA engineers. The ones who gets help from FPGA tools to place and route, and the ones who help the tools to place and route.

Behivoural Models

Find, contribute or share free behivoural models here. PCIE root complex, ddr3, spi, i2c, ..... Pattern / Traffic Generators and Traffic Monitors



Verification is a vital part of FPGA projects. It exists throughout the project. Test benches, Behavioral Models, Bit Accurate Simulation, Cycle Accurate Simulation, Pattern Generators, Data monitors, Harness...
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Software Languages, Tools, Tips, Techniques, Development
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Printed Circuit Board Design, Techniques, Methods, Tips


PCB design
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Database Administration, methods Techniques, Rules, Scripts and Tips


Digital Signal Processing Algorithms Techniques Methods, Math and Matlab


Digital Signal Processin
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