Levent Ozturk
Military Standards for electronic products How can I get Background of design of electronic control systems (Engine Control, Landing and Steering Controllers would be an asset), Avionics, Aerospace, Medical Devices or other high reliability products/environments would be appropriate. * Technical skills and commensurate leadership in the applicable discipline together with excellent interpersonal and administrative skills. * Working knowledge of aviation and/or Military Standards for electronic products w.r.t. hardware design, design reviews, testing and qualification. * Experience/knowledge of ARP 4754, DO-160E/F/G, M1L-STD-810/461/462, HIRF, HALT HASS * Knowledge of modern product development and project engineering principles, methods and practices including requirements generation, traceability and configuration management practices. * Working knowledge of other related disciplines and manufacturing processes, planning, budgeting, staffing, controlling. * Proven success in managing technical groups, projects, and budgets. * Theoretical and practical knowledge of electronics design using micro controllers, programmable devices, digital and analog I/O including pressure transducers, thermal sensors, 4 - 20 mA, solenoid drivers, stepper motor drives etc. as well as fault detection circuits.
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