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Triathlon Introduction

What are typical events in a summer triathlon? The events in a duathlon are Run-Bike-Run or Bike-run

What are the typical and standard distances?
km mi km mi km mi
Jr. Youth (7-10 yrs) 0.1 0.06 5 3.10 1 0.62
Sr. Youth (11-14yrs) 0.2 0.12 12 7.45 3 1.86
Short 0.3~1 0.24~0.62 8~25 5~15.5 1.5~5 1~3
Olympic 1.5 0.93 40 24.86 10 6.21
Ironman 3.8 2.4 180.2 112 42.1 26.2
Ultra 3.2+ 2+ 100+ 62+ 30+ 19+
Deca (10xIM) 3.2+ 2+ 100+ 62+ 30+ 19+
Other distances are the 3 times the ironman (3 days), and the Deca-triathlon: 10 times the ironman (maximum 18 days).
How Do I Train?

See triathlon program. Just remember, triathlons are only as hard as you make them.


The basic issue with wetsuits is that in addition to making open water swims safer by providing the wearer with added warmth and flotation they also provide a speed advantage. The speed advantage comes from the added flotation that puts a swimmer's body in a higher and more "correct" position. This is the position that a good swimmer swims with anyway by using proper technique. Wetsuits are allowed depending on the water temperature.

Therefore, wetsuits speed-up a poor swimmer with poor body position much more than they speed-up a swimmer that already uses good body position.

Why is the "Olympic distance" triathlon 1.5k/40k/10k?

As the sport evolved the largest emerging series used these distances. The origin is not exactly clear but a 1500m swim is the standard "long" swim race, the 40k timetrial is a cycling standard, and 10k is the most popular road racing venue. The international triathlon governing bodies needed a distance to promote for the Olympics and picked the "most popular" format.

What's a "brick"? A "brick" workout, in the triathlon community, is a bike ride followed immediately by a run. It seems nobody really remembers how it got its name but a couple guesses are:
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