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In FPGA design, specialization and experience matters most. Contracts fail to:
If you are starting a critical FPGA project or just realized you are in trouble meeting timing, routing from pins, or fitting the functionality, you need a contract. Brain surgeries are done by brain surgeons, high quality sophisticated FPGA Contracts are done by FPGA Contractors.

Our engineering outsourcing experience spans a wide range of industries, including Telecommunications, Data Communication, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Instruments, Machinery, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation, and more

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fpga projectfpga basics
fpga tutorial FPGA basics of fpga board on fpga Contracts create fpga jobs
fpga programming with fpga bitcoin helps fpga mining.
VHDL programming is fpga basics however verilog programming is also xilinx programming.
dsp programming is part of xilinx fpga programming using fpga programming language as well as fpga programming in c
fpga project ideas come from fpga tutorial including vhdl Contract and verilog Contract with fpga programming
cpld Contract are small where dsp Contract and fpga Contract are for engineering students.
We don't support engineering jobs outsourcing engineering offshoring
engineering services outsourcing is OK.
fpga references fpga references
Contracts offer FPGA design services. 
Participate in digital hardware design of communication products.
Design roles include circuit and/or logic design, verification, and troubleshooting of designs.

o Identify design issues and propose solutions. 
o Test and evaluate your design as well as the system 
o Specify and evaluate new components 
o Adhere to engineering processes, including the maintenance of accurate documentation 
o Work in a global engineering team, soliciting and sharing information with team members around the globe

Industry  experience in Digital circuit design and, FPGA design with VHDL/Verilog coding. 
Experience with embedded microprocessors, DSPs, schematic capture, signal integrity analysis,
 and digital test equipment required. Digital Communications. 
Strong teamwork and organizational skills.
fpga contract fpga contractor

fpga contract
fpga contract work
asic fpga contract
fpga design contract
fpga verilog contract

the capability to design, implement, simulate, and validate FPGA designs (in Verilog or VHDL)
 to interface with high speed digital IO (ADCs, DACs, clocks, SOCs), process the data (filter, decimate, interpolate, etc.)
 prior to sending it over a high speed digital bus (PCIe, 10Gb Ethernet, USB3.0).
 This includes the following skill sets and experience:

Interfacing FPGAs with: high speed IOs (1 G sample/s), high speed bus (e.g., USB 3.0), and digital and analog converters
Digital system layout
fpga design for testing fpga design for testing

Design for manufacturing and design for testing,
HDL (Verilog, VHDL),
FPGA experience (firmware development),
Schematic capture and pcb layout
Design, integrating, and interfacing to external chipsets, processors, and/or microcontrollers
Driver development, testing, and validation for various operating sys- tems including Linux and Windows
Programming and simulation experience
Knowledge of Altera, Xilinx, and/or Lattice EDA tools
Component selection, procurement and BOM management
Experience with version control software
Experience in development from design to manufacturing
Linux experience
Deliver FPGA RTL architectures FPGA-based prototyping
Deliver FPGA RTL architectures and implementation for high-speed and wireless communication systems
Deliver working FPGA systems for product prototypes and evaluation
Engage in all steps of ASIC/FPGA design flow: implementation, simulation, verification, synthesis, etc.
Develop floating and fixed point system model in MATLAB: cost effective considerations, optimize system parameters,
identify performance limiting factors, etc. Develop bit-accurate models to ensure the correctness of RTL implementation Plan and execute system level test plans using MATLAB, Perl, C/C++. Collaborate with other teams to implement DSP designs and mixed-mode analog circuits Work closely with physical design engineers to resolve issues and ensure correct implementation Post silicon lab validation and test automation 20+ years of experience delivering complex ASIC designs to production including experience in system modeling of signal integrity Experience with FPGA-based prototyping Must have extensive experience with high speed Verilog design, verification, synthesis and logical equivalency checking Proficient in Matlab, C, Perl, and Tcl Experience in MIMO and/or Wireless modems is highly desirable Knowledge of advanced digital signal processing techniques: multi-rate signal processing, adaptive filtering,
fixed point filter design and considerations, optimization methods. Knowledge of advanced FPGA prototype debug tools is desirable Experience with lab equipment: VSA, VSG, spectrum analyzers, tone generators, digital power supply, etc. Knowledge DFT concepts of Scan and BIST is an asset Experience in design of JESD207, JESD204b, LVDS is an asset
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Requirements High Level Design Low Level Design RTL Coding Verification Debugging
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Full design
Clock/reset distribution
Lab Debugging
RTL Optimisation
Floor planning
Device selection
Timing closure
Current fmax (MHz)
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(Slice-Lab/ Mem/ DSP/
Clock Domain)
Vector Signal Analyzer
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Device Vendor ?fpga device vendorXilinx, Altera, Lattice, Actel Microsemi, QuickLogic, SiliconBlue Technologies, Achronix, Tabula
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Single/Multiple FPGA, interchip/interboard communication, clock frequencies, flow control/handshaking, protocols/standards
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