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In FPGA design, specialization and experience matters most. Outsource fail to:
If you are starting a critical FPGA Outsource or , just realized you are in trouble, you need a Outsource. Brain surgeries are done by brain surgeons, high quality sophisticated FPGA projects are done by FPGA Outsource.

Our engineering outsourcing experience spans a wide range of industries, including Telecommunications, Data Communication, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Instruments, Machinery, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation, and more

Whether you have a brand new Outsource that needs to be finished without surprises, stuck in an impossible project, need help to complete a Outsource, in a stage that only an Outsource can recover, or just need to overcome a problem, the following initiation form is your way out. Once the information is received and analyzed, you will be contacted shortly for the initiation of help process with preliminary analysis report.

FPGA IP and SoC RTL Verification FPGA IP and SoC RTL Verification
    20 years of experience in IP and SoC RTL Verification.
    Work with a team to create and enhance a SystemVerilog/OVM validation testbench and associated design
	automation tools and methodologies.

Responsibilities include:

    Creating SystemVerilog/OVM testbench infrastructure, including agents, monitors, drivers, and checkers.
    Work within a team and across geographic sites to train and resolve issues from new users.
    Qualifications: Expertise in SystemVerilog/OVM and validation environments.
    Expertise in C/C++ and systemC. Knowledge of Specman/e a plus.
    Knowledge of emulation and writing testbenches for emulation a plus.
    Excellent communication and team work skills.
FPGA Linux board support FPGA Linux board support
  Expertise in the overall process of “board bring-up” including the porting of boot firmware,
  the development of a Linux board support package and the hand off of target information from
  the boot firmware to the Linux kernel.

•         Design, code and debug firmware
•         Develop firmware for hardware verification, production testing and troubleshooting assistance
•         Maintain and improve implemented test tools
•         Debug defective hardware by different testing configurations in verification tools
FPGA Linux OS Kernel FPGA Linux OS Kernel
Firmware Engineer Requirements:

•         Fluent with Linux OS Kernel, programming and debugging tools
•         Must have a basic understanding of networking and protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, TLS etc.)
•        C/C++ language, assembly language and other scripting languages such as Perl and Python
•         Expert with computer system interface programming
•         Team player, and self motivated
•         Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting capabilities

Firmware Engineer Nice to Have:

•         Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering
•         Experience with RTOS, like vxWorks, Integrity.
•         Expert with Network processor, DSP, and FPGA.
FPGA high speed PCBA FPGA high speed PCBA
Systems Integration and new product R&D
•	FPGA and high speed PCBA design
•	Digital Logic design
•	VHDL design
•	Heterogeneous architecture design incorporating cross clock and varied data processing cores
•	System and component integration
•	Product prototyping 
•	Board and system level trouble shooting
•	Experience with any of the following would be very desirable:
o	machine vision cameras
o	laser drivers
o	high-speed communication channels
o	DSP elements
FPGA troubleshooting FPGA troubleshooting
Function as manager for product development.
Involved in developing, modifying and executing company policies,
 which affect immediate operations and may also, have company-wide effect.
Ensure the productivity and efficiency of a geographically dispersed team.
Supervise the work of electronics design engineering personnel and provide guidance to junior engineers.
Delivers appropriate and timely quarterly and annual reviews.
Participates in requirement definition for specific projects,
 as well as participating in cross project requirement priority setting.
Responsible for working with the development team to review the functional specification, architectural
 documents and engineering plans.
Analyze requirements and participate in design from concept to manufacturing.
Be responsible for all of aspects of electronics design and development including developing,
 maintaining and controlling project cost, schedule, performance and quality of project activities
 to run on budget, time and meet customer requirements.
Perform analog and digital circuit design, design calculations, schematics, PCB layouts,
 firmware design and implementation, testing, troubleshooting, verifying and documentations
 to satisfy project requirements and goals.
Participate in integration of hardware and software into embedded system environment,
 including designing test plans, performing the tests and verifying the functionalities.
Be responsible for updating the existing electronic hardware and firmware and assuring
 they are in compliance with all newly assigned standards, component obsolescence or cost reduction.
Perform circuit analyses and trace-ability matrices from requirements to final design.
Optimize developments for design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for test (DFT).
Provide presentations to customers on hardware design and operation.
Be responsible for assuring product designs are in compliance with all
 applicable ANSI, FCC and Measurement Canada requirements.
Provide support and training as required to external certification centers and test houses as part
 of product safety, EMC and other related compliance testing and certification procedures.
Assist marketing, supply chain and program managers in making recommendations for solutions to specific applications.
Interface with various third-party companies on the integration of their technology with the APAT products.
FPGA quantitative trading FPGA quantitative trading
FPGA Engineer to work on design and verification with quantitative trading.
 The engineer will concentrate on both system-level functionality such as networking, memory controllers,
 and PCIe communication, as well as high-level functionality such as market data modules, trading strategy implementation,
 and numerical computations (with an emphasis on high-level functionality).
Experience with Verilog for design, Altera tools for building, and ModelSim for simulation,
 and should also have familiarity with software development.
 Implementation of numerical computations will be one of the initial and continuing responsibilities of the FPGA Engineer,
 so the ideal candidate will already have experience with tools and design paradigms to create effective ways to implement
 new computations on the FPGA.
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