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Online Image Processor

This free online program processes the input in form of nxn 2D matrix and generates output in form of nxn 2D matrix based on the selected function for images processing. The online image processor provides most common image processing functionality online.

Each function is also implemented in Verilog, VHDL, C++ and Java that can be downloaded for a fee. Please contact me for details
Image processing functions in general 2D filtering based on convolution include Linear and non-linear 2D filtering, 2D Gaussian, Median, Mean image filters. Morphological functions, edge and overlay functions. Convolution, polynomial, vector, matrix tools are also available. Contact me for 3D filtering tools or use the convolution tool.

The tool supports up to 8x8 image pixel matrix. Input image matrix can be in RGB (3x8bits, grey (8 bits) or binary (1 bit black and white) format. The tool provides "0 pad" or replicating option of edge processing. The tool provides options of text or gui based matrix for input data entry. Each function has its own parameter set. Results are also provided in text and matrix format for copy paste convenience.

I use this to verify the Verilog RTL image processing functions. It helps to write error free RTL. I hope it helps to you too. Enjoy...

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2d filering is shifting the filter matrix over the input matrix, convolving every time and taking the center term of the convolution as the value for the corresponding term in the output matrix

Convolution is reflection of correlation.
The Sobel edge finding operation is a two-dimensional convolution of an input array with the special matrix Image processing Solver
Image processing Minimizer
Online Image processing Calculator
Online Image processing Generator
Online Image processing Tutorial
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